Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rock 'n' Rolo!

It's that time again... FINALS WEEK!!! Yipee!... Not. So this semester has been full of exciting happenings, one of the latest being that Lance and I made a piƱata, and then he, Kristin, and I busted it! It was very fun (and slightly anticlimactic), and we had lots of candy left over, some of which were the caramel Rolo candies! I love those things! I told Kristin yesterday that she should hide them from me so that I could pace myself and find them one by one, and didn't give any more thought to that! Last night, I went to gorge myself on these little candies, but only found one! Kristin hid all the rest, one by one, throughout the apartment, and it has been the best thing! I found one in my computer, in my scriptures, and with my oranges, so I have only had 3 today! Best candy pacing technique ever. Especially during finals. Thank you Kristin Queen!