Friday, February 13, 2015

I have a niece!!!!

I had a friend once who was talking about his sister having a baby, and in his excitement, he exclaimed, "I don't know if I'm going to be an aunt or an uncle yet!!!" It was a good time, and now that I am an aunt for the first time, I understand his excitement!

I could go on and on and talk about Jocelyn Hanna Ence, but I think that pictures will explain a bit better this wonderful little girl. :)

Baby Jocelyn, born September 15th, 2014

Being fed by Nana :)

Of course, seeing all the cool places Jocelyn can fit, thanks to Alex

She was a happy one from the start!

Happy Halloween, from Jocelyn!

Alex, Kristen, and Jocelyn after her baby blessing

She is going to take after her aunt in the snacking department ;)

This little one charmed the boots off of Santa

She didn't feel the castle was up to par 

Of course, a pinterest fail

Jocie and Doc always get along!

She always wants to know what is going on!

I promise she likes me

Oh yeah… she is thug

Good thing Ash isn't the mom, right?

She is growing up wayyyy too fast!
I mustache you a question...

Isn't she the cutest?

Fun times with Daddy!

She already has her first Valentine! Look at her go!

She is quite the talker!

She is beastly strong like her parents 
(and don't you just love her little cape?!)

Aaaaand you're welcome. :)

I love little Jocie to death, and I am sure she will be showing up in more of my blogs…. when I actually do blog. :) Isn't she just perfect!? Yep folks, after Ashleigh and I begging for years, we are finally aunts. And it's the best!