Saturday, April 20, 2013

21 Reasons the 21st Birthday is Different From all the Rest

1. going out with your friends is never embarrassing

2. your best friend gets you a minion!

3. Lots of friends to spend it with

 4. Your friends are crazier than you are

5. You get to reminisce about the days when you were young

6. Your best friend HAS to come and spend it with you

7. Awkward moments are a thing of the past

8. Everyone is nice to you!

9. ...I just thought this was a cute picture...

10. Epic moments are a regular occurrence 

11. There are mature ways to fight for the roommate's love and affection

12. Nobody fights

13. Everybody smiles for all the pictures

14. No drugs or alcohol but still getting high 

15. More bonding with the roommate

16. Anything and everything is a game

17. Your other best friend gets you little minions

18. Everyone bowls the right way

19. Competition is fun and light-hearted

20. Never a dull moment

 21. Your parents send you an edible arrangement

Okay... So maybe some things stay the same, and some things change, but regardless this was the ultimate success of a birthday! Thanks to all of my close friends and family for making it so memorable.