Thursday, February 28, 2013

Good News and More Good News!

This week has brought lots of good news, and I figured I would share it with y'all!

1. Congratulations to this guy, for getting into BYU! Looks like he will be up here with me in the fall!

2. I got a 96 on my test!

3. It is supposed to be in the 40s this next week!

4. Dani is a sweetheart and made me breakfast!

5. This kid is leaving for Brazil on his mission in 28 days!

6. Attractiveness is genetic.

7. ....and turns out humor is too.
 (Kristen sent this to me because she was looking out for me, what a kind sister! And her husband sent me a list of online dating services last week! Hahaha)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Life>Your Life

Reason Number 1: My roommate is seriously the best. I get an ab workout every day with this girl. Here are a few quotes from her just tonight:

*Nicole: I'm going to steal your deodorant, and then say, "your secret is safe with me!"
(I have Secret deodorant, making this a "clean" and punny joke!)

*Lindsey: Goodnight Nickel!
Nicole: ... I just got the urge to say, "goodnight my beautiful muffin"
Lindsey:... Well then goodnight my gorgeous grape... and that's not a fat joke... unless you were calling me a muffin as a fat joke...
Nicole: Well, beautiful celery just doesn't have the same ring to it

Reason Number 2: I finally made chocolate covered strawberries this weekend, and they were absolutely amazing, with Kami and Dani!

Reason Number 3: Aside from my one class today, I only have class on Thursday this week!

Reason Number 4: After a very embarrassing (but funny) voicemail, I have some super awesome weekend plans!

Reason Number 5: I'm Lindsey Hanna. ;)

Need I say more? :)