Thursday, December 12, 2013

A-B-Cs of my Past Three Weeks

Let's play the ABC song for what has been happening in my life as of lately.

Almost. 2013 is almost over. Halle-freaking-lujah.
Basketball. Over Thanksgiving break, I got to play some ball with my siblings, and it was a super good time. I love my family.
California. I will be there for Christmas. Be jealous. 
Despicable Me. I got to have a back to back showing of Despicable me 1 and 2, and it was such a good time. Great friends, great movies.
Elk. I hit an elk driving home from Utah, and the elk definitely destroyed my car.
Funny. My roommates think it's funny to lock me out and make me dance/sing in order to be allowed back into the apartment.
Games. This is one of my favorite things to do. I love love love going home and playing games with the family. 
Hugging. I hugged a stranger. I thought it was my friend Mandie, but definitely not. 
Institute. Somehow Jannette and I both missed the memo that institute was canceled, so we picked up a pizza and caught up instead.
Jigs. Freestyle dancing in the kitchen happens more often than it should in my apartment.
Kristin. Every Thursday Kristin and I have dinner together and watch a show. It is the perfect way to keep in touch with a loved one throughout the semester! I love this tradition.
Life. I love life. Lots is going on, decisions are being made and life is moving forward, and I am loving it all. (Even if sometimes I feel that my life is a joke sometimes. The big man upstairs has a sense of humor. Good thing I do too.)
Mashed potatoes. My mom is the best cook in the world. And my grandma. And for Thanksgiving, she made two things of mashed potatoes. Ashleigh and I battled for them. 
Nightmares. I have had nightmares every single night this week, and it is always a continuation of the night before.
Oy vey. Sometimes, all you need is to be held. Stress has finally caught up to me today, and I just need some quality time.
Projects. I have had projects and presentations due every day since Thanksgiving break, so two week's worth. It may not sound like a lot, but it is grueling. 
Quiet. When the weather gets snowy, the town gets quiet. I love walking down the streets and being able to actually hear myself think, along with the soft crunching of the snow.
Robert. I love my brother. He has been out on his mission for almost 9 months now! He is rocking it!
Stupid. It is stupid how much I love Taco Bell. And it doesn't help that Dani loves it too and helps me feed my addiction. 
TV. I get paid to watch TV. (Meaning I am a research assistant, and we are currently doing research on the popular TV show "Pretty Little Liars." Best job ever.)
Up. It's so easy to look around or even down in life, and as I remember to look up, things make so much more sense. 
Vacuum. Yeah, this needs to be a part of my life. I cleaned my room today, but we have cleaning checks on Saturday so... I need to jump on that.
Walks. I absolutely love walks. Over the break I walked the dogs with my mom, which was soooo good. And the stars were absolutely gorgeous!
X-treme. I got locked out of my apartment, so I had to climb through the window. It made me feel extremely satisfied that not even a locked door could keep me out. Ninjamode.
Yes. Yes I do need to go to bed.
Zipper. I zipped up my hair in my jacket about a billion times this week. I either need to chop it off, pull it up, or wear hoodies.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sweet 'N' Simple

What represents me? How do I define myself? Who is Lindsey Hanna?

I have pondered quite a bit on these questions lately. For a school project, I was asked to pick 3 to 4 items that define me. They were to represent who I am and what I am. They are to portray me and my culture. After much thought, I have come up with four items that I think can give you a pretty good idea of who Lindsey Hanna is.

First are my scriptures. 

I chose my scriptures, because they represent my faith, my morals, my character. They represent what I stand for, who I truly am at my core. They define how I try to live my life, and what I am striving to do and become. One of my favorite scriptures is Matthew 5:16, "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven." I am trying to be a good person. I know I am of divine worth, I know I am a priceless daughter of the Creator of the Universe. Above all, THAT defines me, and what I want to be.

Second is my phone.

I chose my phone for a couple of reasons. One, to represent the "now" world we live in, that I am a part of. I have endless access at my fingertips. This has shaped my life to be fast-paced, always on the go. If I am not doing something, I am "wasting time." Second, I am connected. I very much identify myself and define myself by those I am closest to. I am miles and miles from my family, but with my phone I am able to keep up with them, and to tell them things about my life, and hear about things in theirs. I am also able to reach my friends on my phone, and access Facebook to catch up on people I haven't had contact with in a while. I am a people person. One of the worst things that I feel could happen to me is getting stuck in a lonely office job for years on end. I am shaped and molded by those closet to me.

Third are my running shoes.

I chose these for an interesting reason. I am not a runner. I have never particularly enjoyed running. But I do enjoy trying new things, and achieving goals. These shoes define me because they represent hard work, trying new things, and going places. I have had a wonderful life, even though I have had a decent amount of trials. I am who I am because I try. Because I work at the hard things that come up, whether I enjoy it or not. I go running at least twice a week not because I love it, but because I want to love it, and I want to work hard at a weakness that I have. 

Fourth is my key.

I chose a key because I really enjoy locking my roommates out. We have a fascination with locking each other out when one leaves without their key, and then you open the window and make them do a ridiculous dance, the truffle shuffle, or sing very loudly in order to re-enter the apartment. I love fun. I love pranking. I very much enjoy the simple things in life that make me laugh or smile, and the key represents something that to most people would just be a device to get into a building/room, but for me it unlocks countless opportunities. 

I was trying to come up for a title for this blog, it is supposed to be a "label" that sums me up. I have thought long and hard about it, and I finally decided on "sweet 'n' simple." I think life is such a tender and sweet experience that I am a part of, I try to gain as much as I can from each day and each experience. Simple, because there is simply not a single word or phrase that can describe me or who I truly am. I am Lindsey Hanna. Sweet 'n' simple. 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Cheesy Pick-up Lines

Today, I came home from class and face planted on the couch, grateful the day was finally over... only to realize... IT'S ONLY MONDAY.

But that's okay.
Because lots of good things happened today.

For starters, I am now a working woman! I got all signed up for my job today, and by job, I mean research assistant... and by research assistant, I mean I watch a TV show and break it down into various health things (drugs, sex, alcohol, etc...). I'm not complaining though!

While I was getting signed up for the job, I got to chat it up with my friend from freshman year, so that was pretty great too. I love to talk. I also got to have lunch with one of my best friends from back home, which is a miracle because our schedules are so opposite, it's not even funny!

But enough small talk. Let's get to the exciting part. Here is the most memorable part of my Monday:

So I am sitting in the library, in my usual spot, headphones in and cranking out a paper for one of my classes, when I get a tap on the shoulder from a guy. Here is the conversation that followed:

Guy: Hello! I am doing a survey about cheesy pick-up lines. Do you have a minute?
Me: Haha sure
Guy: Perfect. Do you have much experience with pick-up lines?
Me: I mean I know a few, but I haven't experienced them per say
Guy: Okay, well let me give you three, and you tell me what you think. The first one is, 'Are you from Tennessee, because you are the only 10 I see!'
Me: haha okay, next one?
Guy: Are you tired, because you have been running through my mind all day!
Me: haha...
Guy: and the last one, 'hey I am doing a survey about cheesy pick-up lines'
Me: hahaha oh.... I see what you did there!
Guy: haha, I'm *insert name here*
Me: Nice to meet you, I'm Lindsey
Guy: Are you currently taking applications for a boyfriend?
Me:...uh... what?
Guy: Are you taking applications for a boyfriend right now?
Me: ....*awkward laugh*...
Guy: Well it was nice to meet you! 

Oh yeah. This actually happened. I think this guy wins an A for Effort, and I get an A+ for awkward.

On the bright side... Only 10 days until I drive home for Thanksgiving, 34 days until classes are over, and 43 days until Christmas

Happy Monday!

Friday, October 25, 2013

A Week of Wins

So... some things this week were less than ideal. But, for every down, there were a few ups! Here are some wins from a potentially loserific week:

  • I finished my time consuming block class, and I picked up 2 new classes I love!
  • Dani got me Chick-fil-a for dinner one night (and for those of you who don't know, this is one of the ways to my heart <3)
  • I went to the farmer's market with Kristin, Aubrey, and Jordan and got some amazing peaches and delicious salsa! I love those girls :)
  • Jannette and I may or may not have had a girls night with an exceptionally humorous trip to Smiths, and excessive amount of food, and an excellent bonding time

  • I got to go hiking with one of my bestest friends. We started out on a trail and hiking up, but we found a path of rocks we couldn't resist, and so we climbed a good way up those, which was very exciting! Coming down was a lot harder, and I struggled.... but it was absolutely beautiful! I wish I had a picture of the mountains and colorful trees to post, but this video will have to suffice!

  • I got to ride with Dani on her motorcycle and go play frisbee at the park. I started out atrocious, but luckily I redeemed myself by the end.... and she and Ben may have also made some dang good cinnamon rolls with pumpkin spice icing on top, that was definitely a plus as well!
  • I spent some good quality time with Nicole shopping, and any time with Nicole also entails an ab workout from laughing, so we killed two birds with one stone!
  • I also may or may not have gotten this picture from my sister, with a text that said, "Hope your day is looking as sexy as me ;)" ...yep. My family stinkin' rocks!

  • My MCOM teacher actually thinks I am a good writer, (Which is monumental because the last writing teacher I had trashed my self-esteem) and I finished up a stressful block class, and picked up 2 awesome ones for the rest of the semester!
  • I may or may not have a friend driving home with me for Thanksgiving and staying with me and my family! (fingers crossed!)
  • I finally got past my stupid security questions for my iTunes account, and was able to buy this song. My friend Ross introduced me to it a few weeks ago after our 5k, and I am borderline obsessed with it

And the best news is, this week isn't even over! I also get to have breakfast with some friends, go shooting, make a movie for class, support 3 friends at their half marathon, go to stake conference, go answer questions for future London study abroaders, and in between all of that I am sure many other fun things will happen.

Basically, this week has the potential to be one of the lamest weeks... but it has turned out to be a very successful one! I have to best roommates in the world (and they have the best boyfriends), the best friends in the world, and the best family in the world. :)

Sunday, October 13, 2013


The inspiration for this post came during this past summer at Subway, when my brother Elliot and I were comparing our hand sizes. I have some pretty small hands for an adult human being, and his hands are large.

Left: Elliot's index finger    Rightt: my index finger
Left: my pinky               Right: his pinky 
Left: my index finger           Right: his pinky

Left: his thumb                Right: my thumb

My hand on his hand

Left: my hand span       Right: his hand span

In Church today we were talking about service, and how we are the hands of God. My mind wandered to this incident, and the comparison of Elliot's and my hands. I was laughing about the huge difference in our sizes, and then I shifted my thoughts to us as spiritual hands.

Our spiritual hands our similar in the sense that we each have:
  • A thumb(s up) to share support and encouragement with each other. 
  • An index finger to point people in the right direction
  • A middle finger for snapping, to get the attention of those around us
  • A ring finger with a vein that runs directly to our heart, a.k.a. passion and emotion
  • A pinky for promises and covenants, to keep our word and be someone others can rely on
Elliot and I compared our hands, examining each little part, laughing at the major differences in our hands, even though both consisted of a thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger, pinky, knuckles, palm, etc... Depending on the occasion, his hands might be more suited for the job. If we needed to grab something that slid in-between seats, my hands would be much more suited to reach in and grab the item. If we were needing to carry something large, his hands would be much more able to do so than mine.

What if I based my worth on how well my hands could accomplish what his hands can accomplish? If I was determined to open every jar, have the same sized handfuls, or be the ultimate winner at thumb wars. I would be a very sad person. It sounds silly that I would obsess over my hands being able to do the same as his hands, when mine are capable of just as many things, just different things. 

Why do we do this with us as spiritual hands? Why do we get so worked up over being able to do the same things as others around us, when our spiritual hands are different sizes? We are all important. All of us are God's hands, because we are all needed to do very individual and unique jobs, that others simply cannot do. 

I am God's hands. You are God's hands. WE are God's hands. Let's stop comparing and worrying. Nothing is wrong with your hands, unless they are idle. Use them. Let's make a difference.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

If Only They Knew

I am a Health Education major. I am in my last year of classes, and this year I have been going into high schools and middle schools to observe health classes to learn how to teach and such. I am in middle schools this week and last week, and the unit that is being taught right now is nutrition and fitness.

I was observing a first period health class, and a discussion was going on about weigh gain, weight loss, and weight management. The teacher asked the class how they could lose weight, and almost unanimously the class answered, "anorexia." I was pretty disturbed by that, but the teacher shut that down and moved on.

Well, in the second period class, same discussion going on, same question comes up, and once again the class answered, "anorexia." Are you serious? I stayed for one more class period, where the same scenario took place.

I was thoroughly disgusted. These are children! Thirteen year old children, and they are all shouting out that anorexia is the answer to weight loss. And it wasn't only one or two students in each class, it was 3 out of 3 health classes.

Today, I observed a different teacher, and different students. This teacher asked me to grade some assignments for her, and I started doing so, mindlessly making sure everything was filled out. About 12 papers in, I noticed a word in all caps, "BULIMIA." I looked to see what the question was:

"What is an effective way to manage your weight?"

Manage your weight. Not even lose weight, but just to manage it. Shocked, I counted it wrong and wrote a little note about how that is unhealthy and dangerous. Next paper, same thing. I was floored! I finished grading and went back through the first half I had already graded, and about half of the class answered that bulimia was an effective way to manage your weight.

Who is teaching these children to destroy their bodies for the sake of a mirror? Who is telling them that it is okay to damage yourself physically and starve yourself in order to have a gap between your thighs? or to see your hip bones? Or to lose the bit of fat around your abdomen?

What about the emotional and mental scarring that comes from eating disorders? What about the strong disdain towards their bodies no matter how much weight they lose? What about the fatigue and inability to concentrate? What about the possibility of sickness, disease, hospitalization, and even death?

Why do the children not know that depression almost always accompanies an eating disorder? Why are they not informed that they can have their own personal "perfect" body by feeding it the proper nutrients and exercising? Why do they not know that happiness is not found in a reflection?

If only these sweet children could know how serious eating disorders are, and how dangerous they are spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Starving yourself or throwing up will NOT give you your desired effect. It will actually destroy what self confidence you do have.

Please, teach these children. If you have kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, cousins, siblings, or any interaction with young people, correct this misperception.

That is all.

Monday, September 30, 2013

I Would Rather...

I am a month into my last year of college, and my motivation is not really happening. I have loads of reading to finish before tomorrow, but there are so many things I would rather be doing right now.

I would rather...

  • go for a walk
  • watch a movie
  • talk
  • get on youtube
  • start a TV show
  • sleep
  • write a blog post
  • draw a picture
  • rent a puppy
  • play pool/ping pong
  • go grocery shopping
  • dye my hair
  • invent another language
  • have a dance party
  • go star gazing
  • paint a picture
  • watch grass grow
  • organize my clothes by color
  • go swimming
  • make something
  • hike a mountain
  • smell candles
  • do laundry
  • move to the Lake District in England
  • jump on a trampoline
Basically... I don't want to do my reading. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Surprise Drowning

Do you ever have one of those days, where everything is just perfect. Nothing life changing really happens, but it is one of the best days ever? Monday was one of those days for me.

I was on Facebook that morning, and I saw that one of my best friend's (Shayla's) status was saying that she wanted to go fishing! Well, we had already planned on hanging out, so I asked her if she was serious about wanting, (which she was!) so I grabbed our fishing stuff and headed over!

We drove out to Buffalo Springs with a bit of a detour because my darn phone took us a few miles off course, but with her phone we made it there! We spent a good few hours fishing, but didn't even have any nibbles! We had switched locations 3 times, but nothing. It was still lots of fun just talking and enjoying the serenity of the lake.

Eventually we got in the lake to cool off and goofed off there. We had rock throwing contests, fun with the mud, trying to race, and just talking and enjoying each other's company. :) Shayla is great. She is one of my favorite people. She is always so positive and hopeful, and I was not expecting to catch any fish after we swam, because we had had no luck aaaaaall day, but she was determined to catch one that day!

So! We dried off and drove a bit farther around the lake, and found the Crappie house, and went in there to have our final fishing experience.

We were sitting there chatting, and we noticed that her line was slowly wandering towards me, and she reeled it up and found this little guy!

That was the first catch of the day, and granted it wasn't a fish, it was terribly exciting! After that, we caught a few more fishes and crawdad things, each one filled with it's own excitement and joy.

She was sad because this fishy was bleeding

 Finally called it a day and headed home!

We cleaned up at her house and went out to dinner at Taco Bell, and let me tell you, I was pretty sure I was going to choke and die from laughing so hard! For example, we were talking about snorkeling, and this was her comment:
"I don't even like snorkeling! It's like surprise drowning! You are swimming around looking at things and then water goes over the top of your tube and then you're choking."
It was the most unique outlook I have ever heard on snorkeling, but she did have a point!

Afterwards we went back to her place and watched a movie and then talked for a bit, until I finally headed home back to Levelland. I know this post doesn't quite do the day justice, but I figured it was blog-worthy. :)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

I Know...

I have had many unanswered questions lately. Many doubts and fears and concerns. Some that are legitimate, and some that may be all in my head. Regardless, they have caused some serious heartache and uneasiness in my mind. I have been searching for answers and guidance, and I was flipping through my journal, and I found my notes for the most recent General Conference, and a line I wrote down jumped out at me. It is from Elder Holland's talk, and it said,

"What we know will ALWAYS trump what we don't know." 

There are many things I don't know. Or that I am unsure about. Or that make me nervous to wonder about. But, there are a few things I do know. And they most definitely trump what I don't know. Here are a few things that were confirmed to me this week.

1. I know that Heavenly Father will always answer my prayers in the way that I need them to be answered. It may not be how I want or what I want, but it is what I NEED.

2. I know that daily scripture study and sincere prayer can bring true peace no matter what is weighing heavy on my heart or on my mind.

3. I know that the temple is the house of the Lord, and that going there increases my inspiration and refocuses me on true happiness and an eternal perspective.

4. I know that if I go to church with a humble spirit and ready to learn, I can receive answers to these questions, or at least comfort that the answer is coming soon and the outcome will be okay.

5. I know that Heavenly Father is looking out for me. Every day all day He blesses me with tender mercies, whether I am worthy of them or not. He has blessed me with wonderful friends that check on me and talk to me about my thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams. They have made time for me in their busy schedules, and I am so grateful that they are in tune with the spirit and know that I am in need and give me the love and attention that I know Christ would give if he were here.

6. I know that families can be eternal, and that I need to be an active member of my own, every day. Though I am excited to start my own family someday, I cannot neglect the duties I have to my family I have already been blessed to be born into.

So, I know the important things. I don't know the details of my life that feel pressing and urgent to know now, but I do know that in order to get those answers when I truly need them, I need to stay close to the spirit and keep my priorities in order. To be kind and patient, and continue working to be the woman I am intended to come.

And in case I haven't made much sense, or haven't stirred something within you, here is a video that can do just that! An old roommate showed it to me in a time of distress, and it is perfect to watch in those moments. Or in sad moments. Or happy moments. Or really any time. Like now. Enjoy :)

Saturday, June 29, 2013


Hearts are an interesting part of the human body. A heart is the only instrument that still works even when it is broken. Hearts can be hardened, softened, broken, healed, given away, stolen, heavy, light, empty or full. Hearts are the vital organ that pump blood to the rest of the body, giving the body warmth and life.

Different people can have different places in your heart, some will stay and take over more of your heart, while others will leave, and sometimes take that part of your heart with them. I have many people embedded so deeply in my heart, that they cannot possibly leave without taking a huge part of it with them, whether they want it or not.

I am a very sensitive girl. I am very much lead by my heart and my feelings, moreso than logic and thoughts. My heart has taken a beating throughout my life, as I am sure most people's have; yet it still beats, it still loves, and it still feels. Sometimes I feel that being emotional is a weakness. And maybe sometimes it is. But I also feel like it is a strength.

I am a believer. A dreamer. A hoper. Hoping is courageous. When one hopes, they put their heart and soul on the line, and take a chance. They reach for things they want, knowing good and well that sometimes those things may be out of reach. That is scary. It takes courage. But in my opinion, it is totally worth it.

I love putting my heart into everything. It may cause some tears here and there, some pain and sorrow, but at least I can say I tried. That I lived and that I loved. My heart contains some scar tissue, but it is still beating, still loving, and still hoping. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Words to Live By

In need of an inspiring quote? 

Hey me too! 

Enjoy. :)

Decisions and Agency

Every day I am making decisions, some bigger than others. But, each decision directly affects me! Every. Single. One. Obviously some have bigger consequences than others, but each one has their consequences.

Some decisions I will be making in the near future weigh heavy on my mind, day in and day out. I wake up in the middle of the night, panicking about the decision, playing out every possible scenario, and over thinking every detail, no matter how big or small. Even in my dreams, my decisions and worries are present and weighing down on me! Awake or asleep, my thoughts march on.

Today was no exception. My mind was preoccupied with decisions and choices, but today I had an "ah-ha" moment. Something I know I have realized many times, but every time I do, it brings me so much comfort. It's MY decision. I get to choose. I got a letter from Robert, and I had written him about a certain event that hurt my feelings, and he told me it was my choice to be offended, and to choose not to be. How simple of a statement, yet how true!

I get to choose whether or not to be offended. I get to choose whether or not to be happy. I get to choose who I talk to and what I say to them. I get to choose what to have for breakfast in the morning, who to share my thoughts and dreams with, and I even get to choose what I think about, even though sometimes it doesn't feel that way.

Basically, agency is a blessing. Life can be as full and as happy as you choose. I know that I am in charge of my future, and I get to pick what kind of a life I lead. People may not always understand my choices or agree with my decisions, but I know as long as I counsel with the Lord, it will all be okay.

Monday, June 24, 2013

The Wonderful Thing About Kristin...

So, I attend BYU, and freshman year I lived in the dorms, and met some way cool people, one of my favorite being Jannette! So Jannette and I decided to live together in the Elms, but at the last second we switched to the Atrium. Upon moving in, we met our other two roommates, Kristin and Christina.

My first impression of Kristin, is that she was suuuuuper patient! Her jelly jar had fallen out of the fridge and smashed, and she put it in a tupperware and spent hours and hours picking out all of the glass, never a complaint before/during/or after.

One Sunday towards the beginning of the year, we were sitting in Church, and Kristin had to squeeze passed, me. The following conversation occurred:
Me: Oh, sorry!
Kristin: You're good
Me: No, I'm GREAT!
Both: *lots of laughter*
This may sound like a silly little insignificant moment, but it was the start of a great friendship.

As the year progressed, Kristin became my social life. We cooked together, studied together, watched movies together, talked together, laughed and cried together, and basically everything was done with the both of us. Many memories were made with that girl.

April came around, and it was time to move out for Spring term! She and I switched over to the Brittany, and lived with our wonderful friend Aubrey! This was hands down the best semester/term I have EVER had. Every day was so much fun! Kristin and I once again did everything together, and I also got to witness the blooming relationship of her and Josh, her now husband. :)

This past weekend, Kristin was able to come visit me in Texas! It was one of the best weekends I have ever had! Just getting to catch up and reconnect with her was such a huge blessing, and it made my soul so happy. She just gets me! She can complete my sentences and explain my thoughts to me before I even share them with her, and her advice is phenomenal. I love her so much.

The wonderful thing about Kristin, is that she is my best friend, and I can count on her anytime. Rain snow, Utah, Texas, happy, sad, she is always there with lots of love, support, and smiles. :)

Love you girl.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Today I was up in my room reading, and I felt like I should go read outside by the pool, so I did! I was sitting there reading for about a half hour, and I started to hear tiny splashes in the pool. By about the fourth episode of little splashes, I finally got up to see what it was, and there was a bird that couldn't fly in the pool! Luckily it was by the stairs, so I rolled up my jean shorts and got in and started reaching for the bird. Naturally, the bird was terrified and started flapping away into the middle of the pool, so of course I just had to get in (in my regular clothes) and save this little guy! I got him out safe and sound, and as I was standing there dripping by the side of the pool, I realized I couldn't go inside and drip all over the clean floors! So, I went to the little pool bathroom, took off my clothes, and wrapped myself in a little towel and went inside. Upon entering the house, I hear the doorbell ring, and then the voices of the Elders from our church. Panicking, I hid in the pantry until they left. Then I went upstairs, put on clothes, and continued reading. I saved a life today!

Yep. My life is average.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Tribute to the Men

Today is Father's Day. I have been blessed with an amazing father. One who always looks out for me, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. He is always willing to talk, goes out of his way to get me little gifts and just show he cares. He has guided me through some rough waters in my life, made me laugh uncontrollably with his stories, and taught me many things. From my dad I have learned love, forgiveness, hard work, patience, understanding, and what kind of man I am looking for someday. I love my daddy.

But, I know that while I have been blessed with a father who is still a very active part of my life, many people do not enjoy that blessing. So thank you to all you grandpas, uncles, brothers, and other dear men that are helping fill that spot that needs to be filled. I have many precious people in my life that struggle with Father's Day, due to the lack of their father in their life, so I thank you deeply for softening that hurt of this special day, and know that you are recognized for your support and love.

While our earthly father figures may all differ, we do all have a father that we can count on and shouldn't forget on this special day, or on any day for that matter; our Heavenly Father. On Father's Day, I tend to recall very tender memories and touching moments that I have shared with my earthly father, and I am so grateful for those. But I also try to be acutely aware of what my Heavenly Father has done for me throughout my life as well. He has blessed me in so many ways, so many times, both when I felt worthy of His tender mercies, and those times when I have not. He is always there for us. He wants to hear from us, so that He can help us and love us and teach us, the way our earthly father figures try to do.

Thank you, all of you wonderful men. I know I have many stellar men in my life, and I want you to know that you all do make a difference, if to nobody else, to me.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Why Fix What isn't Broken?

Before today, when asked what is the worst feeling in the world, I might have answered a broken bone, or heartache, or no milk in the fridge. But, now what for me is the worst feeling in the world, is being told you are broken and need to be fixed. Let me explain:

Growing up, I was an awkward little kid, trying to grow into my own body, and one of my most noticeable traits was my ears sticking out. Many of my friends and peers would comment on it, some in a nasty and hurtful way. In fourth grade, I heavily debated getting them pulled back, to be "normal" like everyone else, but decided against it.

Fast forward to my first year of college. Living in the dorms, everyone is trying to meet everyone, names are hard to remember, yada yada. Found out a group of boys called me "Ears" because they couldn't remember my name. That stung a little, but I had grown comfortably into my own skin and ears.

Now let's go to today. Today, my mom shares with me an email she got from a plastic surgeon. He approached them about my ears, saying he could "fix" them, and since I wasn't married or anything (is this implied I won't get married because of my ears???) he could take care of it for me. Now that hurt. That stung. Having your parents approached by a plastic surgeon to "fix" you, implying that you are broken or that something is wrong. 

I could try to express to you the feeling of having my heart ripped out, or my confidence stripped from me, or the endless tears and emotional prayers that have occurred this morning, but I won't. I will share with you a more positive aspect from this very painful experience.

As a 21 year old single female, marriage is hopefully somewhere near in the future, and then my husband and I will start a family and have children. What kind of an example would I be setting for my children, "fixing" insecurities and little traits that make you an individual? When I have a daughter who doesn't like her nose, are we going to "fix" it like mommy "fixed" her ears? Because her nose is different from others, does that make it "broken" and something that needs to be "fixed"? No.

Maybe my ears detract or distract from my beauty, but who is anyone to tell me I am broken and need fixing? Each of our little traits that we are acutely aware of and try to hide or minimize, they are what make us individuals. What make us who we are. My ears stick out. Most people's don't. But putting them back, what will that "fix"?  I will still have the same heart, the same desires, the same humor, the same spirit, and that is what I should be working to fix and improve, not my little physical traits that are different. 

Love yourself. Love who you are, embrace your quirks and qualities. Be careful with your words for you never know whose soul or spirit you may have just damaged or crushed, whether it be temporarily or permanently.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dear Future Husband,

Dear Future Husband,

I have some very good news for you!... Not only do you get to spend eternity with me (bless your heart), but you get to also be sealed to the Hanna family for the rest of forever! Now before you faint from excitement, let me tell you a bit of what that constitutes:

  • You get to have my wonderful mother as your mother in law, which means that you will be treated like a king, remembered on every holiday, and a pro dog walker when we visit my parents. :)
  • You'll get the best father in law you could ever ask for! He is a doctor which will come in handy when we get sick, or our kids get sick, but he is also great at advice, and he is going to give you some rock hard abs with how funny he is!
  • Let me tell you about your sister in law and her husband (Kristen and Alex)! They are a party and a half! When they come back to the states, you and I will be visiting them often, having competitions and dinners together and all that jazz. You'll love them. :)
  • If you think you're the luckiest guy now, I still have 3 more to tell you about! Robert is going to be your brother as well, and he is one seriously clever and hilarious guy! Y'all will have a good time. :)
  • Elliot is going to be your brother as well, and you are going to really enjoy him! You can work out with him, talk about any subject under the sun with him, and just enjoy some stellar company, who also got the funny gene! (Common in all the Hanna's!)
  • Last but not least, your other sister in law is Ashleigh. She is so great! She is willing to do just about anything for you, so when we see her, it will be such a treat! We will have to battle her in just dance, and out sing her in the car, but I think we can handle it! ;)
Yes, my dear future husband, you are getting a good deal. I mean, all you have to do is put up with me for the rest of forever, (handle my pranks, try to understand my twisted sense of humor, help me reach tall things, participate in my random dance parties, pardon my terrible singing, and love me and let me love you) and then you'll get to be a part of this wonderful family! I think you can handle it. :)

You're welcome ;)

Forever yours,

Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Golden Gate State

This past week I spent in California visiting Matt, and it was a wonderful week! I have come home with many stories, adventures, and memories, and here are a few!

1. First off, I got to spend a whole week with this guy, which was amazing. He is great. :)

2. We went indoor skydiving, which was SUPER fun, and we both rocked it. :)

3. We got to spend a day in San Fran, walking the piers, going to Rainforest Cafe, playing a 7-d game/ride, getting some chocolate, and a little jog at the end!

4. It was my first time riding on a ferry (that I know of), and it was "ferry" fun. ;)

5. We went to a drive in movie with Amber and Mike, which was a blast! I loved it, they are great. :)

I don't have pictures to show for the rest of the activities, but we got to go on a picnic, go white water rafting (which was my first time and it was EPIC), visit my family in the area, swimming, playing Settlers, going to the park, and just enjoying time together with other little activities. 

I got to stay with the Goulding family, and it was a blast! I absolutely loved getting to know them all, and they are so fun and funny, and I hope they enjoyed having me at least 1/8th as much as I enjoyed spending time with them! They sacrificed a whole week to let me come and party with them, and I am very grateful. Hopefully I will be seeing them again soon! :)

Basically, it was one heck of a week, and if anyone wants to ship me back to California for round two, I would not be opposed. ;)

Sunday, May 19, 2013


I love music, and from time to time I will get a random song stuck in my head, and lately it has been the Do-Re-Mi song from The Sound of Music. Today was a deep thinking day, and as I was singing this song in my head, I realized that it actually really applies to my life right now.

Do- (as in dough). I am like pizza dough. (hear me out!) I have the potential to become this delicious pizza, but in order to make that happen, I need to be kneaded out and worked on to become ready for the better things. I have been stretched in every direction, (physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally) and at some points I feel like I am going to wear thin, and I will need to start over or back track. But, as I work on all my various areas, I can stretch myself and go from some little ball of dough into a delicious pizza.

Re- (as in ray). I have spent a bit of time in the sun lately, playing tennis with the brother and working on the pool. Yesterday, I was in the sun an exceptional amount of time, and I have beautiful bright red shoulders to prove it! I got to thinking about the rays of sun, and how over time they can work on you and affect you. We all have to potential to share our rays, and work on people. Some rays are healthy, and some are dangerous, and most depend on the dosage you are taking in. Be aware of the rays you are sending out, as well as the rays you are taking in from those around you.

Mi- (as in me). Self introspection and reflection have been on my mind quite a bit lately, and I have come so far. I do so well when I am busy and working on things, especially with or for other people. The most detrimental question I can ask myself, is "what about me?" When I ask that question, I tend to get selfish and greedy and assuming everyone should be tending to me. I try to counter the question, with "what about ___?" *insert another person's name here* and usually my mood improves and I am once again humbled and happy.

Fa- (as in far, with a british accent). I have many countdowns on my phone. The shortest of which is my California trip in 9 days, the longest being 219 days which is Christmas. Sometimes both of these things seem far away, while at others they seem to be so close. It's all about perspective. Regardless of the time distance from whatever you are looking forward to, every day matters and will get you there, so make it count.

So- (as in sew). As a young single adult living in a little ol' dirt town in Texas, I have some time on my hands, that I would like to fill with constructive activities and such. This past week, I sewed a dress! (for those of you who don't know me, this is a big deal!) My last sewing experience was with my grandma about 10 years ago, and she worked the sewing machine and lined everything up, and all I did was listen to her explain what she was doing, and push the pedal when she told me to. But, I had time, so I bought a pattern and some fabric, Mandie refreshed my memory on the sewing machine, and I figured out the pattern and made a stinking dress! It took lots of time, even more patience, but in the end I now have a dress and the confidence in my sewing abilities.

La- (as in... la, haha). I love to play piano (as does everyone in my family) and when my little sister goes to play, she invites me sometimes and we will either play duets, or one will play and the other will sing. She is a singer... I am not. But hey, if we were singing for the music, it would be a sad little experience. But we are singing for fun and just enjoying each other's company. My days are full of these little moments.

Ti- (ummm)... so I actually don't have anything for ti. I thought of tea, but I don't drink tea. I thought of tee, as in golf, but I don't play golf either. So ti can stand for t, as in t-shirt. I wear a t-shirt almost every day during the week, to accommodate my daily activities of working out and working in general. But, on the weekends I try to clean up a bit for going out with the family or going to Church. Just a fun fact for whomever is reading this, haha.

Do- (as in do). Doing is an action verb. I have tried to make that my motto for this year, but especially for this summer. When my mom asks me to go pick up Ash or go grab something from the store or to walk the dogs, yes I'll do it. When Mandie asks me if I can take her to the dentist, yes I'll do it. If I get a call from someone in the middle of the night, yes I'll answer it. Do things. Whatever moment you are in, it is a one-time opportunity. The EXACT same moment will not happen again. Seize it.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Moment in Time

Life is a very similar experience for most people, or at least certain moments are fairly common in each individual's life. Everyone experiences love (both given and received), death, heartache, gratitude, change, etc. I have often marked my own life by big experiences, such as my birth, changing grades, graduating high school, going to college, big family vacations, and other such activities that seem to be big, and looking forward to big moments such as marriage, becoming a mom, graduating college, beginning a career, and those sorts of things. But, when I reflect back on my life, or on the people in my life, it is never the big things that have altered my life or my being. It is always the small moments that are the sweetest and most crucial in living life.

I remember always getting so excited for family vacations; planning out with my siblings which roller coasters to ride or what sites to hit. We would talk about it for months, and finally the big day would come! We would travel to the desired destination, and do the activities that that area had to offer, and head back home. Looking forward to them I was excited for the big things. But looking back, it was never the tallest roller coaster or famous monument that I think of. I remember riding the elevator, laughing hysterically on the car rides, getting lost on the way, losing the sunscreen, tripping over rocks, and other silly moments that could have happened anywhere, not just at Disneyland or wherever we happened to be.

I remember looking forward to Kristen's wedding, planning it and making sure everything was going to look nice and go smoothly. I was picturing the day as a whole, just as a whirlwind of family and photos and craziness. It was very much a family/photo/crazy experience, but when I reflect back on that day, the single moment  that stands out is when my sister and new brother in law walked out of the temple, and she was the happiest I had ever seen her. Her smile was so sincere and never left her face, and I remember being choked up with tears, grateful for how happy she was. It was not the decorations I so carefully planned, or the food bar that I was looking forward to that changed my heart, but that single moment that I cherish so deeply.

I remember being excited to go to Brigham Young University for college, and picturing classes, college social events, and just living the college life. While that has been the case for the past 3 years, that is not what has made college such a sweet experience. It was staying up until 3am talking with dear friends, going for a run in the rain with my best friend, sitting out on the porch and reading scriptures every night with the roommates, walking home from campus through the beautiful flowers and trees that are meticulously cared for, baking disasters, study sessions that turned into YouTube parties, getting locked out of my apartment, and grocery shopping. The little things have made my college experience a success, and has enriched my life more than I probably even realize.

Moments. That is what life is made of. Precious little moments, that are so easy to let pass us by. I have been very bad in the past about letting these moments whiz by, only to catch them when looking back in retrospect. I have made it a goal for 2013 to capture the moments, in the moment! Life has been such a fuller experience for me. Cleaning fridges, going running every morning, baking a cake, driving to Lubbock, yard work, and countless other activities have turned into some of my fondest most recent memories. 

I absolutely love life. I love getting to know people and hearing their story, I love doing daily things that just become a part of me and who I am. I love realizing how much the course of my life changes over the little moments. I am who I am because of a million little moments. It is easy to yearn for the "next big thing," but chances are you are in one of those big things you had been looking forward to only moments before. Live life in the moment. Do it because that exact moment will never happen again. Be mindful of the future, but live in the now. 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Successful Week!

If a week could get an award for the busiest, craziest, and best, it would be this past one! Let me share with you what can happen in a week:

I FINALLY was able to spend some time with this girl, we got to catch up on each other's lives, and of course made it a classic Jannette/Lindsey reunion with chocolate covered strawberries and fritos and avocados. It was a much needed bonding night. :)

This handsome missionary served in my ward in London...

He is now home, and came to Provo to visit! We got to hang out and had a blast, and reminiscing about London and life and such. :)

Kristen and Alex graduated! Both his family and our family came into town, and we took lots of pictures and ate good food and enjoyed each other's company. Needless to say, it was all about them. ;)

Kristen and Alex climbed a tree.... Well Alex climbed a tree, pulled Kristen up, and then Kristen climbed down Dad. This picture doesn't quite capture the hilariousness of the moment, but just imagine.

Kristen and I drove her car home on Saturday. We left at 7am, and drove 15 hours, listening to good music and just talking. It was my last real bonding time before she left for Puerto Rico. Luckily I will see her in July, and hopefully fly out to visit in Puerto Rico soon!

I flew back to Provo 2 days after driving back to Texas (because I needed to now drive my car home!), and this awesome guy picked me up from the airport! We had a few direction mishaps, but hey, I made it home eventually, and it gave us some good time to talk and laugh. He loves me :)

Upon arriving back at my apartment to gather my last few things and snag a few Z's before driving my car back, I had a birthday package on my bed from William!... He sent me a banana. It didn't quite make it intact, I had to blow dry his letter, because it was covered with squished rotten banana. He is great. And he gets home in 84 days, in case anyone was curious! 

So I drove my car home on Tuesday (yes, drove home Saturday, flew back Monday, and drove home again Tuesday) with Keyan. It was my first time meeting him, and he needed a ride to Lubbock, so I obliged. He was a fun passenger and we made it! Once in Lubbock, I got to spend the night with Mandie, my longtime best friend, and we got to stay up talking like the old times. I'm excited to spend a few months with her while we are actually in the same state! :)

Wednesday was Ashleigh's 13th birthday! Man, I cannot believe my baby sister is actually a teenager! I remember watching her as a baby, carrying her around, taking her to nursery and primary at church, fixing her hair, and watching Barney with her. Now she is very independent and doesn't need big sister as much! But we still do fun things together. I painted her nails for her birthday and we watched a movie, and had lunch with her and our parents. It was a good day. :)

And, since I am such a wonderful sister, I made her an arrangement at Dairy Queen! She went to the restroom, and of course I had to do something nice for her when she came back since it was her birthday! Surprising her with a Blizzard would be too easy, and hiding in the car might not have made her a happy birthday girl. So, I made her an arrangement on her drink! As you can tell, she loved it. :)

 I've gotten to spend some quality time with my Mom. :) I love doing just about anything with her, and we got to talk about our Europe travels! She went when she was in college, and I got back in December, and we got to go through her album and see what she saw and what we both saw. It was a good time. And of course baby Eddie had to join in on the fun!

Last night I got to relax and watch a movie with my family, but I forgot everything was finders keepers here! Eddie and Evie took over my blanket, so I watched the movie blanket less. I didn't have the heart to take it from them.

While we are talking about pets, this old lady (17 years old!) has been taking advantage of me being home and my bedroom door not being all the way shut, and every time I go in, she is sleeping on my bed. 

Yes, all of this happened in just a week! I know, be amazed. Haha it was a wonderful way to end the semester and start the summer! I am now home in Texas for the next 4 months, and I am excited to see what adventures are coming my way!