Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dear Future Husband,

Dear Future Husband,

I have some very good news for you!... Not only do you get to spend eternity with me (bless your heart), but you get to also be sealed to the Hanna family for the rest of forever! Now before you faint from excitement, let me tell you a bit of what that constitutes:

  • You get to have my wonderful mother as your mother in law, which means that you will be treated like a king, remembered on every holiday, and a pro dog walker when we visit my parents. :)
  • You'll get the best father in law you could ever ask for! He is a doctor which will come in handy when we get sick, or our kids get sick, but he is also great at advice, and he is going to give you some rock hard abs with how funny he is!
  • Let me tell you about your sister in law and her husband (Kristen and Alex)! They are a party and a half! When they come back to the states, you and I will be visiting them often, having competitions and dinners together and all that jazz. You'll love them. :)
  • If you think you're the luckiest guy now, I still have 3 more to tell you about! Robert is going to be your brother as well, and he is one seriously clever and hilarious guy! Y'all will have a good time. :)
  • Elliot is going to be your brother as well, and you are going to really enjoy him! You can work out with him, talk about any subject under the sun with him, and just enjoy some stellar company, who also got the funny gene! (Common in all the Hanna's!)
  • Last but not least, your other sister in law is Ashleigh. She is so great! She is willing to do just about anything for you, so when we see her, it will be such a treat! We will have to battle her in just dance, and out sing her in the car, but I think we can handle it! ;)
Yes, my dear future husband, you are getting a good deal. I mean, all you have to do is put up with me for the rest of forever, (handle my pranks, try to understand my twisted sense of humor, help me reach tall things, participate in my random dance parties, pardon my terrible singing, and love me and let me love you) and then you'll get to be a part of this wonderful family! I think you can handle it. :)

You're welcome ;)

Forever yours,

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