Monday, June 24, 2013

The Wonderful Thing About Kristin...

So, I attend BYU, and freshman year I lived in the dorms, and met some way cool people, one of my favorite being Jannette! So Jannette and I decided to live together in the Elms, but at the last second we switched to the Atrium. Upon moving in, we met our other two roommates, Kristin and Christina.

My first impression of Kristin, is that she was suuuuuper patient! Her jelly jar had fallen out of the fridge and smashed, and she put it in a tupperware and spent hours and hours picking out all of the glass, never a complaint before/during/or after.

One Sunday towards the beginning of the year, we were sitting in Church, and Kristin had to squeeze passed, me. The following conversation occurred:
Me: Oh, sorry!
Kristin: You're good
Me: No, I'm GREAT!
Both: *lots of laughter*
This may sound like a silly little insignificant moment, but it was the start of a great friendship.

As the year progressed, Kristin became my social life. We cooked together, studied together, watched movies together, talked together, laughed and cried together, and basically everything was done with the both of us. Many memories were made with that girl.

April came around, and it was time to move out for Spring term! She and I switched over to the Brittany, and lived with our wonderful friend Aubrey! This was hands down the best semester/term I have EVER had. Every day was so much fun! Kristin and I once again did everything together, and I also got to witness the blooming relationship of her and Josh, her now husband. :)

This past weekend, Kristin was able to come visit me in Texas! It was one of the best weekends I have ever had! Just getting to catch up and reconnect with her was such a huge blessing, and it made my soul so happy. She just gets me! She can complete my sentences and explain my thoughts to me before I even share them with her, and her advice is phenomenal. I love her so much.

The wonderful thing about Kristin, is that she is my best friend, and I can count on her anytime. Rain snow, Utah, Texas, happy, sad, she is always there with lots of love, support, and smiles. :)

Love you girl.

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