Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Golden Gate State

This past week I spent in California visiting Matt, and it was a wonderful week! I have come home with many stories, adventures, and memories, and here are a few!

1. First off, I got to spend a whole week with this guy, which was amazing. He is great. :)

2. We went indoor skydiving, which was SUPER fun, and we both rocked it. :)

3. We got to spend a day in San Fran, walking the piers, going to Rainforest Cafe, playing a 7-d game/ride, getting some chocolate, and a little jog at the end!

4. It was my first time riding on a ferry (that I know of), and it was "ferry" fun. ;)

5. We went to a drive in movie with Amber and Mike, which was a blast! I loved it, they are great. :)

I don't have pictures to show for the rest of the activities, but we got to go on a picnic, go white water rafting (which was my first time and it was EPIC), visit my family in the area, swimming, playing Settlers, going to the park, and just enjoying time together with other little activities. 

I got to stay with the Goulding family, and it was a blast! I absolutely loved getting to know them all, and they are so fun and funny, and I hope they enjoyed having me at least 1/8th as much as I enjoyed spending time with them! They sacrificed a whole week to let me come and party with them, and I am very grateful. Hopefully I will be seeing them again soon! :)

Basically, it was one heck of a week, and if anyone wants to ship me back to California for round two, I would not be opposed. ;)

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