Sunday, May 19, 2013


I love music, and from time to time I will get a random song stuck in my head, and lately it has been the Do-Re-Mi song from The Sound of Music. Today was a deep thinking day, and as I was singing this song in my head, I realized that it actually really applies to my life right now.

Do- (as in dough). I am like pizza dough. (hear me out!) I have the potential to become this delicious pizza, but in order to make that happen, I need to be kneaded out and worked on to become ready for the better things. I have been stretched in every direction, (physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally) and at some points I feel like I am going to wear thin, and I will need to start over or back track. But, as I work on all my various areas, I can stretch myself and go from some little ball of dough into a delicious pizza.

Re- (as in ray). I have spent a bit of time in the sun lately, playing tennis with the brother and working on the pool. Yesterday, I was in the sun an exceptional amount of time, and I have beautiful bright red shoulders to prove it! I got to thinking about the rays of sun, and how over time they can work on you and affect you. We all have to potential to share our rays, and work on people. Some rays are healthy, and some are dangerous, and most depend on the dosage you are taking in. Be aware of the rays you are sending out, as well as the rays you are taking in from those around you.

Mi- (as in me). Self introspection and reflection have been on my mind quite a bit lately, and I have come so far. I do so well when I am busy and working on things, especially with or for other people. The most detrimental question I can ask myself, is "what about me?" When I ask that question, I tend to get selfish and greedy and assuming everyone should be tending to me. I try to counter the question, with "what about ___?" *insert another person's name here* and usually my mood improves and I am once again humbled and happy.

Fa- (as in far, with a british accent). I have many countdowns on my phone. The shortest of which is my California trip in 9 days, the longest being 219 days which is Christmas. Sometimes both of these things seem far away, while at others they seem to be so close. It's all about perspective. Regardless of the time distance from whatever you are looking forward to, every day matters and will get you there, so make it count.

So- (as in sew). As a young single adult living in a little ol' dirt town in Texas, I have some time on my hands, that I would like to fill with constructive activities and such. This past week, I sewed a dress! (for those of you who don't know me, this is a big deal!) My last sewing experience was with my grandma about 10 years ago, and she worked the sewing machine and lined everything up, and all I did was listen to her explain what she was doing, and push the pedal when she told me to. But, I had time, so I bought a pattern and some fabric, Mandie refreshed my memory on the sewing machine, and I figured out the pattern and made a stinking dress! It took lots of time, even more patience, but in the end I now have a dress and the confidence in my sewing abilities.

La- (as in... la, haha). I love to play piano (as does everyone in my family) and when my little sister goes to play, she invites me sometimes and we will either play duets, or one will play and the other will sing. She is a singer... I am not. But hey, if we were singing for the music, it would be a sad little experience. But we are singing for fun and just enjoying each other's company. My days are full of these little moments.

Ti- (ummm)... so I actually don't have anything for ti. I thought of tea, but I don't drink tea. I thought of tee, as in golf, but I don't play golf either. So ti can stand for t, as in t-shirt. I wear a t-shirt almost every day during the week, to accommodate my daily activities of working out and working in general. But, on the weekends I try to clean up a bit for going out with the family or going to Church. Just a fun fact for whomever is reading this, haha.

Do- (as in do). Doing is an action verb. I have tried to make that my motto for this year, but especially for this summer. When my mom asks me to go pick up Ash or go grab something from the store or to walk the dogs, yes I'll do it. When Mandie asks me if I can take her to the dentist, yes I'll do it. If I get a call from someone in the middle of the night, yes I'll answer it. Do things. Whatever moment you are in, it is a one-time opportunity. The EXACT same moment will not happen again. Seize it.

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