Friday, October 25, 2013

A Week of Wins

So... some things this week were less than ideal. But, for every down, there were a few ups! Here are some wins from a potentially loserific week:

  • I finished my time consuming block class, and I picked up 2 new classes I love!
  • Dani got me Chick-fil-a for dinner one night (and for those of you who don't know, this is one of the ways to my heart <3)
  • I went to the farmer's market with Kristin, Aubrey, and Jordan and got some amazing peaches and delicious salsa! I love those girls :)
  • Jannette and I may or may not have had a girls night with an exceptionally humorous trip to Smiths, and excessive amount of food, and an excellent bonding time

  • I got to go hiking with one of my bestest friends. We started out on a trail and hiking up, but we found a path of rocks we couldn't resist, and so we climbed a good way up those, which was very exciting! Coming down was a lot harder, and I struggled.... but it was absolutely beautiful! I wish I had a picture of the mountains and colorful trees to post, but this video will have to suffice!

  • I got to ride with Dani on her motorcycle and go play frisbee at the park. I started out atrocious, but luckily I redeemed myself by the end.... and she and Ben may have also made some dang good cinnamon rolls with pumpkin spice icing on top, that was definitely a plus as well!
  • I spent some good quality time with Nicole shopping, and any time with Nicole also entails an ab workout from laughing, so we killed two birds with one stone!
  • I also may or may not have gotten this picture from my sister, with a text that said, "Hope your day is looking as sexy as me ;)" ...yep. My family stinkin' rocks!

  • My MCOM teacher actually thinks I am a good writer, (Which is monumental because the last writing teacher I had trashed my self-esteem) and I finished up a stressful block class, and picked up 2 awesome ones for the rest of the semester!
  • I may or may not have a friend driving home with me for Thanksgiving and staying with me and my family! (fingers crossed!)
  • I finally got past my stupid security questions for my iTunes account, and was able to buy this song. My friend Ross introduced me to it a few weeks ago after our 5k, and I am borderline obsessed with it

And the best news is, this week isn't even over! I also get to have breakfast with some friends, go shooting, make a movie for class, support 3 friends at their half marathon, go to stake conference, go answer questions for future London study abroaders, and in between all of that I am sure many other fun things will happen.

Basically, this week has the potential to be one of the lamest weeks... but it has turned out to be a very successful one! I have to best roommates in the world (and they have the best boyfriends), the best friends in the world, and the best family in the world. :)

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