Monday, November 11, 2013

Cheesy Pick-up Lines

Today, I came home from class and face planted on the couch, grateful the day was finally over... only to realize... IT'S ONLY MONDAY.

But that's okay.
Because lots of good things happened today.

For starters, I am now a working woman! I got all signed up for my job today, and by job, I mean research assistant... and by research assistant, I mean I watch a TV show and break it down into various health things (drugs, sex, alcohol, etc...). I'm not complaining though!

While I was getting signed up for the job, I got to chat it up with my friend from freshman year, so that was pretty great too. I love to talk. I also got to have lunch with one of my best friends from back home, which is a miracle because our schedules are so opposite, it's not even funny!

But enough small talk. Let's get to the exciting part. Here is the most memorable part of my Monday:

So I am sitting in the library, in my usual spot, headphones in and cranking out a paper for one of my classes, when I get a tap on the shoulder from a guy. Here is the conversation that followed:

Guy: Hello! I am doing a survey about cheesy pick-up lines. Do you have a minute?
Me: Haha sure
Guy: Perfect. Do you have much experience with pick-up lines?
Me: I mean I know a few, but I haven't experienced them per say
Guy: Okay, well let me give you three, and you tell me what you think. The first one is, 'Are you from Tennessee, because you are the only 10 I see!'
Me: haha okay, next one?
Guy: Are you tired, because you have been running through my mind all day!
Me: haha...
Guy: and the last one, 'hey I am doing a survey about cheesy pick-up lines'
Me: hahaha oh.... I see what you did there!
Guy: haha, I'm *insert name here*
Me: Nice to meet you, I'm Lindsey
Guy: Are you currently taking applications for a boyfriend?
Me:...uh... what?
Guy: Are you taking applications for a boyfriend right now?
Me: ....*awkward laugh*...
Guy: Well it was nice to meet you! 

Oh yeah. This actually happened. I think this guy wins an A for Effort, and I get an A+ for awkward.

On the bright side... Only 10 days until I drive home for Thanksgiving, 34 days until classes are over, and 43 days until Christmas

Happy Monday!

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