Sunday, July 14, 2013

I Know...

I have had many unanswered questions lately. Many doubts and fears and concerns. Some that are legitimate, and some that may be all in my head. Regardless, they have caused some serious heartache and uneasiness in my mind. I have been searching for answers and guidance, and I was flipping through my journal, and I found my notes for the most recent General Conference, and a line I wrote down jumped out at me. It is from Elder Holland's talk, and it said,

"What we know will ALWAYS trump what we don't know." 

There are many things I don't know. Or that I am unsure about. Or that make me nervous to wonder about. But, there are a few things I do know. And they most definitely trump what I don't know. Here are a few things that were confirmed to me this week.

1. I know that Heavenly Father will always answer my prayers in the way that I need them to be answered. It may not be how I want or what I want, but it is what I NEED.

2. I know that daily scripture study and sincere prayer can bring true peace no matter what is weighing heavy on my heart or on my mind.

3. I know that the temple is the house of the Lord, and that going there increases my inspiration and refocuses me on true happiness and an eternal perspective.

4. I know that if I go to church with a humble spirit and ready to learn, I can receive answers to these questions, or at least comfort that the answer is coming soon and the outcome will be okay.

5. I know that Heavenly Father is looking out for me. Every day all day He blesses me with tender mercies, whether I am worthy of them or not. He has blessed me with wonderful friends that check on me and talk to me about my thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams. They have made time for me in their busy schedules, and I am so grateful that they are in tune with the spirit and know that I am in need and give me the love and attention that I know Christ would give if he were here.

6. I know that families can be eternal, and that I need to be an active member of my own, every day. Though I am excited to start my own family someday, I cannot neglect the duties I have to my family I have already been blessed to be born into.

So, I know the important things. I don't know the details of my life that feel pressing and urgent to know now, but I do know that in order to get those answers when I truly need them, I need to stay close to the spirit and keep my priorities in order. To be kind and patient, and continue working to be the woman I am intended to come.

And in case I haven't made much sense, or haven't stirred something within you, here is a video that can do just that! An old roommate showed it to me in a time of distress, and it is perfect to watch in those moments. Or in sad moments. Or happy moments. Or really any time. Like now. Enjoy :)

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