Saturday, September 15, 2012

Pure Insanity!

Okay guys, this trip has been INSANE! All my flights were delayed, and I should have missed my last flight, because I landed half an hour after it was scheduled to take off! But by some miracle, I made it, and my luggage made it with me! I also made some great friends along the way! And older gentleman named John told me I had beautiful eyes, which was super sweet! A lady with a 4 year old named Ashton kept me company on my 7 hour flight, and a young man with crazy curly hair was fun to chat with as well! Once we arrived at the France Airport (we meaning me and 3 other girls from my group) it was pure insanity! Not one of us speaks french, and the detailed instructions that our directors sent us to get from the airport to our hotel were faulty, because the train we were supposed to take was shut down for maintenance! It took 4 hours to get from the airport to the hotel, and it included a shuttle, a bus ride, a train ride, and a metro ride, and walking a good few blocks. Oh, and did I mention we had to figure it all out in France where we don't speak french!? Yes, this has already proven to be an exciting trip! I've traveled for over 24 hours, but managed to make it into my room finally, and was even able to grocery shop! (Fun fact: the milk is hidden in the grocery store, every cereal has some form  of chocolate in it, and if you want a bag for your groceries you have to pay 3 cents for one!) I have been to the Eiffel Tower, and wandered through the streets of Paris! Life is great!

Oh, and my language on my computer is French now, so I'm not totally sure how to maneuver through my blog, so forgive me if there are any serious mistakes!

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