Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I'm Married! Life as Mrs. Tanis Reed.

Alright, So I have been the worst blogger since… I guess since 2014! I blogged once in January, then again in March after I got engaged, and now that it is December, I guess it is time to blog again! I have been married for 5 months (as of tomorrow), and let me tell you, it has been AWESOME.

I am so overwhelmed with thinking of things I could blog about, but I figured I could tell you a little bit about my stud of a husband. In honor of our 5 monthiversary, I will give you 5 stories of Tanis.

First story of Tanis:
Tanis and I have been mildly (or completely) obsessed with games, even before we met. We play them on a regular basis, and sometimes even eat while we play. On this particular day, we had had chips and guacamole, with big glasses of milk. We were wrapping up our last game, and I asked Tanis if he could put our glass of milk in the fridge, and the chips away for me. He obliged, and we went about our day. About 4 hours later, I go to look in the fridge, and I see the chips. Naturally, I look for the glass of milk to see if it made it in the fridge too. Nope. The milk was on the counter, and the chips were in the fridge! I got a good laugh out of that one!

Second story of Tanis:
This is a story that occurs Monday through Friday, every week. I have been student teaching this semester, and in order to get to the school I have to leave by 7:10 every morning. I am NOT a morning person, and have ran late every day since my first week. I am there from 7:30 till 3-4, so it is a long day! Every morning, Tanis rolls out of bed with me, and the first thing he does is make me lunch. He wants to make sure I get to eat, so that is his first order of business. Next, he bundles up and goes out to our car to scrape the ice off, so I don't have to do it. EVERY. MORNING. What a stud!

Third story of Tanis:
This one dates back to my birthday. So my 22nd birthday was awesome. I loved it. I was well remembered and well loved. The only thing I would have changed, is it would have been cool to get a cake, and to be sung to. (Not a big deal, right?) Well, I mentioned that to Tanis a day or so later, and then we moved on, and I totally forgot about it. Fast forward about two weeks. I was meeting Tanis's family for the first time, and it was our first day there, and we were sitting around the table, and Tanis's mom brings a cake out of the fridge, and starts putting in candles and lighting them. I start looking around, wondering who's birthday it is, and Tanis's dad keeps looking and smiling at me, so I smile back, excited to sing to whoever it is! Finally, it came out that that was MY birthday cake, and they were going to sing to ME. That was probably one of the nicest things that has ever happened to me. I almost teared up, but I didn't want my in-laws to think I was a baby, so I sucked it up. Tanis remembered my silly little wish, and granted it. I love that man.

Fourth story of Tanis:
Tanis loves pizza. Loves it. Probably as much as he loves me. Well, I got a pizza recipe from my old roommate Kami, and we decided to make it. We were prepping the ingredients, and I asked Tanis if he wanted to make the dough or cook the chicken. He turned to me with his big blue eyes, and said, "Well… I would love to make the dough… but if you want to, I can make the chicken!" This cute little guy just wanted to make the dough! Even if my heart was set on making the dough, how was I supposed to turn him down?! I've never seen him more happy making food in my life. It was precious.

Fifth story of Tanis:
Tanis is such a silly man. He is sooo smart, but sometimes he forgets things. We were getting ready to leave the apartment, and were kinda in a rush. We finally got out of the apartment, and we were getting ready to lock the door, and Tanis starts searching his pockets and such for his keys, and he can't find them. A few seconds later, he realized they were in his hands. Hahaha he is so cute. :) Poor guy, couldn't find his keys! He has always told me that the best place to hide something is to place it right in front of him. I now believe him.

I have billions more stories, but those are just a couple. Tanis is the most kind, loving, funny, smart, hard-working man I know. Every day is an adventure. I love him dearly, and marrying him was the best thing I've ever done. I love life as Mrs. Tanis Reed. :)

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