Friday, March 28, 2014

Meet Tanis :)

On March 14, 2014 my best friend in the whole world asked me to marry him, and I said yes. :) When most people find out, they say one of these three things, if not all three:

  • Congratulations! When is the big day?
  • What?! I didn't even know you were dating someone!
  • I need to meet him! We should do something sometime!

So, if you are thinking the first one, thank you very much, we are getting married July 11 in the Lubbock, Texas Temple :) We are VERY excited! If you are thinking the second one, well, I guess it is safe to say I was dating someone, and very seriously!

If you are thinking the third one, I totally agree! Everyone should have the opportunity to meet Tanis! I know that some of you are not in the Provo area, and those that are are super busy, and  it's sometimes a struggle to match up schedules. So, I am going to tell y'all a little bit about this man of mine :)

Meet Tanis :)

  • He served his mission in Panama City and absolutely loves speaking spanish, even if I struggle understanding it sometimes.
  • He is from Magnolia, Texas, and is very proud to be a Texan!
  • He is studying electrical engineering, with minors in physics and computer science. (Yeah... so don't feel bad if you haven't met him, sometimes I have to pencil myself in to his schedule!)
  • He is suuuuuper ticklish, and seriously cannot control it. For once I am the dominant tickler ;)
  • He's a beast at tennis! Our first date was tennis, and we played and it was super fun, and he made me feel like I wasn't too bad... then I watched him play against someone on his level... he was totally playing down to me. He is insane. I love it.
  • He is very very very patient. Sometimes I know I can be ridiculous or annoying or just way out there, but he is SO good to me. Seriously. I love him.
  • He is a hard hard worker. With his major and double minors, working two jobs, and being engaged, and trying to fit in sleep somewhere in there, he still always manages to not only stay on top of things, but to excel at each of them.
  • He is a popcorn addict! To most of you, that's probably not a big deal. But I come from a family of popcorn addicts, and my roommates tease me heavily about it (*cough*Dani*cough*), but he is just as much of an addict as I am. :)
  • He's so handsome :) Blue eyes, super cute smile, soft hair, tall, broad shoulders... yeah. He's mine 
  • He is competitive! One thing I am NOT okay with, is people letting me win... well, he doesn't let me win. Or even come close. Not even in leg wrestling, which is my thing.
  • He lives about 15 minutes from me walking, and he will walk over to spend time with me, and then walk back with his heavy backpack! I have been better about driving him, but when I had my dad's truck, I never drove it, so he would walk home, rain or snow... sometimes both. He is so good to me.
  • He is a family guy. The first night he held my hand, we were walking home, and I asked him about his family. He just talked and talked and talked and praised each one of them individually, and I loved it. He loves his family. He is gonna be a great husband and daddy.
  • He is long winded. He looooves to talk! Which is perfect for me! I always want to talk. I'll ask him "what are you thinking?" or really any question that comes to mind, and he will always gladly answer it :)
  • He is strong. Definitely physically, but also mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I can see it, and I can feel it. 
  • He is a great driver. about a month into dating, we went to Texas to trade out my dad's truck for my car (I had hit an elk going home for Thanksgiving) and he drove a lot of the way back. I was the worst backseat driver, and it carried over for another couple weeks. I knew it bothered him, and I tried to keep it in, but I couldn't help it. But I KNOW he is a good driver. Sometimes while driving, I will stop and trade seats with him so he can drive and do the hard things, like parallel park and such.
So that is a little bit about Tanis. Basically, he is the most amazing man in the world, and I hope you all have a chance to meet him if you haven't already. :) The more I learn about him, the more I love him. I guess it's safe to say I am the luckiest girl in the world!

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