Sunday, April 15, 2012

Angels Among Us

Today was my last Sunday in this ward. At the end of this week, I will be moved out, and on with my life, continuing on the path that is slowly being shaped for me, as well as shaping me. I have met many new people, stayed in touch with old friends, reconnected with even older friends, and looking back, I am overwhelmed at what this year has done for me! I have been stretched in ways I didn't think I could, and learned and grown in ways I did not expect. While there are many angels in my life, I would like to share a tribute to the angels I have been humbled and blessed to live with.

Angel #1: She is very aware of when others are in need. She would come in my room and talk with me when I was having awful days, and tell me how great I was, and give me the extra boost I was needing. She shared with me many spiritual insights, and suggested some changes to make to improve, and as I have heeded her counsel, I have been blessed from it and blessed from her. She has been a teacher in Relief Society, and every one of her lessons has touched me and helped me to grow closer to Heavenly Father. She is a choice daughter of God, and though it will be sad not to see her every day, hearing her insights and funny stories randomly, I know that she will continue to bless the lives of those around her. She is an angel among us.

Angel #2: This girl is one of the happiest girls I know! I don't think I have met anyone as positive and relaxed as her. She is always willing to serve, and has blessed me not only through her service, but through her invitation to serve along side her. It has been such a humbling experience getting to talk with her, and she how pure and good she is. I know she has her trials, but her outlook is incredible! She is very smart, and has helped me in the class we have together, and praises me for my accomplishments, though they are not as impressive as hers. I am so deeply grateful that we have been able to grow together, watching movies on a regular basis, talking about everything and nothing, and for the chance that I get to live with her for Spring semester. She is beautiful, inside and out. She is an angel among us.

Angel #3: Wow... this one gets me a bit more emotional! This angel has blessed me for 2 years now, and has been a necessary part of my college life! She has stuck with me through the ups and downs, forgiven me for my lack of sensitivity and appreciation towards her, and is my sister, and always will be. We may not be living together after this semester, but she is a huge part of my life, and will continue to be. Her kind notes she left for me many mornings have touched me deeply, and I will cherish them forever. We have had many memories, many pictures, many laughs, and many tears. I am jealous of the girls that will be living with her after this week, but I know that everyone needs some light in their life. She has been an example to me, in every way. She is a strong spirit that cannot and will not be broken. She is an angel among us.

Life is moving on, and though it will be hard to leave this apartment I have called home, and these 3 girls I have called family, but I know that they are needed elsewhere, and cannot stick with me throughout my life! They have helped me to grow, made me laugh uncontrollably, fed me spiritually, and even pushed me physically! (No, they didn't beat me up! They invited me to run and go to the gym and not eat so poorly!) I hope they know, through my words and my actions, how much I love them and appreciate them! There are angels among us.

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