Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Living in Fast Forward

In the past 10 days, I have taken finals, had a birthday, packed everything up, went 4-wheeling with my Dad, moved out, played soccer, lived in a hotel, gotten locked in a bathroom, gone swimming twice, started classes, moved in, drove to the airport twice, bought checks, shared a single bed with Kristin, paid rent, gone grocery shopping, gotten a car, had an awesome card night, bought a computer, gone to zumba class, played tennis, carried a couch 4 blocks, found a hobo sleeping on a couch, laughed uncontrollably, and most recently, I have just finished a hilarious game of Curses with my roommates and Josh. Yes, this is going to be a fun Spring semester! (And don't worry Dad, I have been doing my schoolwork as well!)Sooo glad my dad came to visit this weekend, and for Kristen, Alex, Jannette, Brent, Josh, and Dan for helping me move in/out! And a special thanks to Aubrey, Kristin, Jannette, and Josh for some super great times this week! Definitely living life in fast forward!

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  1. Will you please become a blogger again already?!

    Love you :)