Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring has Sprung!

What an amazing past 5 days! The weather has been absolutely gorgeous! Here is a run down of my Easter weekend!

Friday: I got to sleep in, but woke up to a snow storm! It was crazy! I got my homework done, and then went to the gym with Kristin and Kristen, and Kristen put me through a really intense workout, in which I was feeling drained afterwards, and turned out she was too! But what she didn't tell me, is that it was her second time going to the gym! Yes, she is a beast. Or, I am a wimp. Then, Kristin and I went to Costco with Grant and got pizza and frozen yogurt, and then came back to watch a movie with Josh as well! We also got to do some leg wrestling, and I am not too shabby!

Saturday: We had a ward activity of Hunger Games/Olympics, which was a lot of fun games! We walked the half hour walk over to the field, played the games, and were treated to a breakfast made by the bishopric! On the walk back Kristin, Nicole, and I stopped at the duck pond to sit and appreciate nature. By the time we made it back home, we stopped at WQ3 apartment, where we tried to help Hunter pick out some glasses, but he would not comply. But, he did agree to play tennis with me, which was a blast! He is very good, and I enjoyed it! THEN, Kristin and I got ready and went over to T1 apartment for dinner, where we made homemade pizzas in the shape of eggs! It was so much fun, and absolutely delicious! And to finish up the day, of course Kristin and I watched a movie.

Sunday: Church was great! I had my last meeting in the presidency I have enjoyed being a part of, and it was bittersweet. It will be nice not having Sunday meetings after Church every Sunday, but I will definitely miss the girls I have served and served with. A couple girls in the ward got a group of people together to go on a picnic to enjoy an Easter lunch together, which was so delightful! I haven't been on a picnic since last summer! It was very enjoyable.The day was finished up having a good talk with Dallas and watching a movie with all my roommates. Wonderful Sunday. :)

So, that is how I spent my Easter weekend. It may not have been productive school-wise, but believe it or not, I am caught up! One more week of being a teen, in 1 and a 1/2 weeks Dad will be here, and in 2 weeks I will be moving in with Kristin to our new apartment! And I may or may not have gotten an awesome letter today. :) Finals, here I come!

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