Friday, March 2, 2012

Is Knowledge Really Power?

The more things I learn, the more questions I have. This is true for every aspect of my life, but right now we will relate it to my school life. I have learned that I hate chemistry and physics, which was followed up by the question of, "well, what do I like?" I have finally answered that question, with, "I love health, and more specifically, drugs." With this new knowledge I now wonder, do I want to teach health? Or become a drug counselor? Or do I want to nix health altogether and just become a piano teacher? For every answer, a few more questions come up.  Is knowledge really power? Yes. Questions are powerful. Questions are what lead you to more knowledge, which leads you to more questions, then to more answers, and so on. The more you know, the more you can decide for yourself. I have learned quite a bit today. I have learned, that the more you know about someone, the more they mean to you. The more time and effort you put in, the more you want to know. But of course, with that new found knowledge, it leads me to more questions. Questions I cannot answer right now. Some questions simply can't be answered at this point in my life. I have no way of knowing what is going to happen this summer, what is going to happen in the UK in the fall, and I most certainly don't have a clue what will happen the January I return to BYU after 7 months away! I am working on answering the questions I can answer now, pondering the questions that are necessary to ponder now, and storing the other questions for a later time. I learned a lot today. More knowledge-->more power-->more questions.

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