Saturday, February 11, 2012

Jipped on the Athletic Gene

This week has been absolutely crazy, with lots of exciting happenings, but probably one of the most exciting parts happened today. It is early February, and it was around 70 degrees today!!! That just DOESN'T happen. Kristin and I were walking to the gym, enjoying the weather, when we decided it would be great weather for tennis! We went and rented the equipment we didn't have to play, and when we got to the outside courts, we found out all the gates were locked! What the heck, right?! (yes, people were inside playing, so they weren't off limits, just locked!) So come to find out, we had to jump the fence to get in, and let's be honest... I'm lacking in athletic ability, ESPECIALLY when it comes to climbing! So, Kristin and I slid all of our stuff to the other side, and she shimmied on up and over, dropping gracefully to the other side. My turn! Well, EPIC FAIL. First try, I climbed about halfway up, then slid back down, and not gracefully I might add! Second try, I made it to the top, but slammed my chest down hard on the top of the stupid fence, and fell all the way back down, yes, on the outside, not the inside. So I went wandering around the courts for a better place to climb, but not finding one, I returned back to the original spot with determination to make it over. So, I clumsily get to the top, and have one leg over, but as I try to swing the other leg over, my shorts get caught on the top! So I'm just laying on top of the fence, clinging on for my life, trying to get my dumb shorts off the stupid fence, and I finally do, with people watching from near and far, and slide down all the way to the ground on the inside, finally! We had a great time playing tennis, but then it was time to leave. Time to climb the fence again! (Have I mentioned I'm NOT athletic?) Once again, Kristin just glides up and over, while I took 3 or so tries again, getting my shorts caught AGAIN, but this time scratching myself up pretty badly, then fell on my butt/back once I finally got off the fence! I waved to the group of people up the hill laughing at me, and went on my merry way! It wasn't exactly how I pictured my tennis playing experience, but I think it was worth it. :)

P.S. This is Kristin, for all those of you wondering who this amazing girl is! (Sorry guys, she is taken!)

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