Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Beauty is a complex word to grasp. Sometimes it is confused with words such as thin, sexy, and hot. Sometimes one feels that their beauty depends on how their makeup looks, how cute their shirt is, their relationship status, or the size of their jeans. That does not determine beauty.

Here are a few examples of ladies in my life that are absolutely gorgeous, regardless of whether they are single or married, the calories they eat, or the clothes they wear. They are a timeless beauty. And I'll tell you why:

Mandie is beautiful because she is so caring. She always puts in large amounts of time and energy into those she loves, or those in need. She is beautiful.

Elizabeth Tombs is beautiful because she is a super mom. She goes to school and is a professor, but still manages to make her family her top priority, teaching them what they need to know. She is beautiful.

Kristen is beautiful for a bajillion reasons, but to save some time, I'll just name a few. She waited for that special someone to marry, and then married him in the temple for time and eternity. She cooks dinners for me, even if I rarely return the favor, and is always willing to spend time with me, whether she had time or not. She is beautiful.

My mom is absolutely beautiful because she is so grateful. There is always something to be grateful for, even in the hardest trials. She always gets up every day and heads her trials with a smile on her face and gratitude in her heart. She is beautiful.

Jannette is beautiful because she is always to the rescue! If you need a ride, dinner, kind words, a hug, she is there to give it! She is beautiful.

Kristin is beautiful because of her positive attitude. She never has a bad day, because she choses to have a good day every day. This is one happy girl! She is beautiful.

Ashleigh is beautiful because she has such a tender heart. She is always aware of the one who is being picked on or left out, and makes an effort to reach out. She is beautiful.

Maddy (left) is beautiful because she is so fun! Whether we are just texting, dying hair, or shopping I am always having a blast with her! She is beautiful.
Nicole (right) is beautiful because she is so forgiving. Even when people wrong her or hurt her, she welcomes them back with open arms. She is beautiful.

Granny is beautiful because she has worked hard her entire life. She has successfully raised 2 wonderful kids, as well as maintained a wonderful marriage, cooked unbelievably delicious dishes for friends and family, and is a very giving lady. She is beautiful.

All of these wonderful ladies have wonderful physical features, whether it be their eyes, their figure, or their hair. And though those are very pretty, they are not the reason why I find these women beautiful. These are the kind of ladies I want to become like. I do not aspire to be a Victoria's Secret model, or the most head turning woman in the town. I want to be beautiful because of who I am. Not because of what I look like. Beauty comes from within, and is something everyone can attain, if they can understand where beauty comes from. It can not be bought, borrowed, or found. It must be developed. Be your own kind of beautiful.

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  1. Lindsey Lou, thank you! I needed that! And I love you so much! You are so beautiful inside and out! You always know when I need you and you always seem to be able to help me become a better person! I am so grateful for the time we have spent together trying to make ourselves better together! You are such a great example to me and I am so grateful for the friendship and sisterhood we share! I don't know what I would do with out you to lean on and talk to! Thank you for being such a great example to me :)