Thursday, August 16, 2012

Chain Reactions

Chain Reaction- A series of events in which each event is the result of the one preceding and the cause of the one following.

Yesterday, I most definitely experienced a very intense chain reaction. I am leaving for France in less than a month, and there are certain items that I need for the trip, one of which is a raincoat! I have never needed a raincoat, living in West Texas, and so I had to look around to find one. 3 shirts, 2 jackets, 2 skirts, 1 dress and 1 pair of pants later, I found a raincoat! (As well as a pair of shoes.) Yes folks, I am a shopaholic. But in my defense, I do shop sales!

Anyway! I was satisfied with my purchases, and came home to put them away, and I just could not make enough room in my drawers to get the clothes in! So, I started emptying out all my drawers, throwing away anything that I no longer needed/wanted. I was very impressed with myself, and satisfied with the new space in my drawers, that I just had to continue!

One thing led to another, and for the next 9+ hours, I was ripping apart my room, bagging up what was no longer wanted, and neatly putting away what had made the cut. At 4am, I sat in my closet, putting away the last pair of shoes, and was thoroughly impressed with how beautiful and clean I had made my room/closet/bathroom.

In this ambitious endeavor, I discovered 52 tennis balls, 8 pairs of fake teeth, 17 lip glosses, 34 cents, and a very entertaining journal! I am proud to say, this is the cleanest my room has ever been since we moved here in 2006. Here are some pictures to proof it!



Feel free to be impressed. :) So what have I learned from this experience? Good things come from shopping. (And we will be having a garage sale next week, if you care to see what I have decided to get rid of, as well as other random things no longer needed in the Hanna household!)


  1. hahaha who's room is this?!?!?!?! that is not my best friend's closet!!! I have gone through that closet I don't know how many times!!!!!!! hahaha i stand thoroughly amazed Lindsey :)

  2. *sheds tear*

    I am so PROUD! ;-)