Thursday, August 23, 2012

What A Stud!

Alright ladies, I have found a man worth your time! He is way cute, exceptionally smart, strong, sweet, and funny. The good news is, he's available. The bad news is he is only 15, so it would be a few years until you could claim him as your own.

This is my younger brother, Elliot. Not only does he have a dazzling smile and muscles galore, but he is one of the sweetest guys I know! I have been working on getting ready for a garage sale on Saturday, and it is no easy chore! Today I had to move a dog run, which is no easy chore. Not only is it ridiculously heavy, but ours had sunk into the ground (due to the weight and the rain) and had weeds weaving throughout it rooting it firmly to the ground. Elliot was around, and offered to help. He thought about it for a minute, and then figured out to maneuver it. He successfully unrooted it from the ground, and brought it out by our garage. I was "helping", but seeing as I couldn't even pick up my half, he did 95% of the work.

Other wonderful deeds this guy has done is walk the dogs with me at night so I am not alone, carry many other large items of mine (without being asked), and even when he is dragged shopping by me and my mom, he doesn't get anything, but willingly carries our bags.

Now ladies, that is the kind of man you want! One who can do work around the house, one who is willing to do things with you that you enjoy, even if it doesn't benefit him in any way. A guy who is concerned about your protection always, and one who loves and respects his family and shows it through his loving day to day actions. What a stud! Oh, and did I mention his sense of humor can get everyone in the room breathless from laughing so hard? This guy has so many great stories, jokes, and is easily the most quotable guy I have ever met! I love you broskie, thanks for all your help!

Aaaand for those of you interested in the garage sale, it is Saturday August 25th, from 8am-1pm. :) 

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