Monday, August 20, 2012

This One's For My Girl!

Almost 2 years ago, I embarked on a new adventure in my life, called college. I traveled states away to claim a coveted spot a BYU in Utah, only knowing one other person in the state whom I could call. But, shortly upon arrival, I met this beautiful girl whom I have had the privilege of living with for almost my entire college career, and today is her special day! Special for many reasons! One, IT'S HER BIRTHDAY!!!! That's exciting all in itself. Second, she is turning 20! She has finally exited her teenage years! Lastly, it is her golden birthday! She is turning 20 on the 20th! And who might this special girl be, you may ask? Well, here are 20 things I love about her, in honor of her big 20!

Meet Jannette

1. She is one of the smartest girls I know, and got into BYU's nursing program on her first try!!!

 2. She is an outside girl! Always down for camping or hiking or anything of that nature! (hahah get it, "nature")

3. She is a good sport about my pranking habits, as well as joins in when she is not the target!

4. Nobody can ever look as good as she does in a plastic bag.

5. She always writes notes of encouragement, and has left them on my food, doors, drawers, etc... (yes, she is a sweetheart!)

6. She makes time for people, even in the middle of finals or other college craziness!

7. She can make me laugh till I can't breathe anymore

8. She never gets angry ;)

9. She is one of the best huggers in the world!

10. She stays up with me all hours of the night, talking, laughing, etc...

11. She is a go-getter! She has been dominating half marathons since I met her, and I'm sure I will be going to support her on a full marathon in no time!

12. Surprise videos are not uncommon in our friendship

13. She looks good. Always. Even when she is sick. I seriously have NO clue how she does it!!! (Don't believe me? Okay, refer to #11's picture. Yeah. That is after running 13.1 miles. Feel free to be amazed.)

14. Nobody can beat her facial expressions. End of discussion.

15. She was always willing to drive me places, because I didn't have a car! 

16. She parties hard! (Remember Nettie, you're turning 20, not 21 ;) )

17. There isn't one thing I don't enjoy doing with her. 

18. She loves holidays like I do, and gets festive with me before the rest of the world!

19. She is the best dancer/singer a girl could ask to live with!

20. (This one is a given) She is GORGEOUS.

And here is one to grow on!
21. She ALWAYS has my back... Okay so you can't tell that from the photo, but seriously, this girl is an angel. She has been with me through the thick and the thin! She has helped me to grow, and has been patient with me when I have not been so willing to grow! I don't think Heavenly Father could have blessed me with a better friend to help me get through (and thoroughly enjoy) college with, and I don't think she will ever be anything less than my best friend and sister. She's brought me ice cream when I'm feeling down, taken me out for my birthday (that always falls in the middle of finals, which is even more stressful for a nursing student!), made me dinner, taken me to the places I've needed to go, come along on little adventures that maybe weren't the most appealing, and given me some of the best advice/support that I don't think anyone else could have supplied! I love you Jannette, and I hope your birthday at home is a blast, and though I won't see you this fall, I can't wait to be reunited with you in January! Enjoy no longer being a teenager! You're the best!

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